Waste management, Landfills

In the field of waste management and landfills we offer:

  • Evaluation of risk pursuant to Point 3a, Appendix No.11 to Decree No. 294/2005 Coll. on conditions of deposition of wastes in landfills and their utilisation on ground surface
  • Preparation of integrated evaluation of disposal sites for deposition of wastes pursuant to Decree No. 104/1998 Coll. on economical exploitation of exclusive deposits, on permission and registration of mining activity and activity performed by mining methods, as subsequently amended
  • Complex geological, hydrogeological and geological engineering investigation, expertises and consulting for:
    • Construction of new landfills
    • Assessment of existing landfills
    • Remediation and reclamation of old landfills
  • Technological analyses for sealing materials, operation control of compaction during construction, expert supervision
  • Documentation and assessment of environmental impacts of landfills pursuant to the Act No. 100/2001 Coll., ecological audits, risk assessments
  • Designs for construction, reclamation and remediation of landfills
  • Remediation and reclamation activities
  • Design, installation and operation of monitoring systems
  • Special services:
    • Collection and chemical analyses of samples of water, soil, air, and waste
    • Evidence of waste, procurement or consulting for waste disposal
    • Programmes of cleaner production (minimization of waste)