Hydrogeology, hydroecological maps

In the field of hydrogeology we offer:

  • Designs for optimization of the use of the current groundwater sources
  • Research for local resources of drinking water, using indirect investigation techniques, determination of their yield and quality
  • Studies of the impacts of the water-management practices on the groundwater regime
  • Modelling of groundwater flow, including calculation of yield capacities
  • Collection of groundwater and soil samples
  • Balance calculations for groundwater resources
  • Measurements of stream flow rates with propeller-type current meter
  • Regime measurements of groundwater table levels in wells and hydrogeological wells, including evaluation
  • Construction of the hydrogeological maps of cadasters, which contribute significantly to the quick and profound environmental decision-making
  • Hydrogeological studies and expertises addressing possible conflicts of interest
  • Proposal and review of protective zones of water resources, on the basis of the groundwater vulnerability maps