The Hydrochemical Laboratories - Analyses of water, soils and wastes


The Hydrochemical Laboratories of GEOtest Brno, a.s. are laboratories with a long-lasting tradition. They were established in 1980 as a workplace focused on water analysis for regional hydrogeological studies and for special foundation engineering. A significant asset has also included analytical work conducted for the forming departments of groundwater protection. The Laboratories continue in the given activity to the present day. They are known in the expert public above all as laboratories providing high-quality results, which the customers can fully rely on.

The Laboratories have an implemented and verified quality system according to the CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard on a long-term basis and have been a holder of the Certificate of Accreditation since 2000, which was issued by the Czech Accreditation Institute. As from 2009 the Laboratories have not only accredited tests but also sampling.

In the past years the workplace of the Laboratories has gradually been significantly modernised and has extended the offer of its services with regard to the demands of current legislation.

Nowadays the activity of the Hydrochemical Laboratories (HCHL) specialises mainly in the following areas of analysis of samples from the environment:

  • Determination of selected organic substances and pollutants (PCB, PAH, pesticides, hydrocarbons C10-C40, volatile organic substances, solvents, and others);
  • Basic inorganic analysis of various types of water for the detection of chemism and contamination (selected physical and chemical parameters, majority cations and anions, nutrients and other special indicators);
  • Analysis of heavy metals and trace elements;
  • Analyses of wastewater - determination of basic qualitative parameters (CODCr, BOD-5, undissolved solids, dissolved solids, dissolved inorganic salts, forms of N, total phosphorus, and others);
  • Determination of other selected and unspecified parameters (extractable substances, TPH, phenols, cyanides, tensides, and the like); and
  • Analyses of mixing water for concrete and analyses of water for the determination of aggressivity to concrete structures.

Analyses are performed in both liquid (all kinds of water) and solid matrices (soils, sediments, wastes, building structures).

For reliable and credible testing, the Laboratories have available adequate state-of-the-art analysis techniques and equipment and trained and experienced staff, who are able not only to actually perform tests but also to professionally interpret the results of tests and to provide expert opinions and standpoints.

The laboratories also include a sampling team composed of skilled and trained samplers, among whom there are a few holders of the Certificate "Manager of (Wastewater and Groundwater) Sampling" and holders of the Certificate "Sampler-Evaluator of Hazardous Properties of Wastes". The samplers carry out accredited collections of the following matrices:

  • Drinking, raw and hot water;
  • Groundwater and surface water;
  • Water for bathing, including swimming-pool water;
  • Wastewater;
  • Bottom sediments;
  • Soils;
  • Wastes and building structures; and
  • Soil gas.

The laboratories have developed working procedures for sampling and tests, arising out of applicable technical standards and the latest scientific knowledge. We are striving to collect representative samples for our customers and to perform their accurate analysis to obtain objective results, which it is possible to rely on to the maximum.

The quality of the work of the HCHL, both within testing and sampling, is verified on a regular basis by participating in national programmes of capability testing.


Hydrochemicke laboratore
GEOtest, a.s.

Smahova 1244/112, 627 00 Brno


Contact persons:

Ing. Pavel Mrhalek, Head of Laboratories, 548 125 234
Ing. Pavel Schwarzer, Deputy Head, 548 125 215