Cartography, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing

In the field of Cartography, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing we offer:

Field data collection for further analysis:

  • mobile mapping
  • sampling
  • creation of a digital digital terrain models by using our own terrestrial laser scanner

Data processing

  • digitization of an existing data (old maps, design drawing, aerial photograph)
  • processing and evaluation of a CAD / GIS data
  • modification of a vector or raster data and its transformation into the required format
  • GIS database design and data models
  • cartographic data processing and presentation

DTM and 3D data extraction

  • Digital terrain model, digital surface model, digital elevation model
  • slope and incidence map
  • visibility map
  • shaded relief
  • volumes and surfaces calculation
  • geological cross-sections

Processing and analysing of airborne and satellite data

  • geometric transformations
  • orthorectification and mosaicking
  • data evaluation (interpolation, classification, cartographic vizualization)

Data interpretation and analysis

  • network analsis (shortest paths, catchment area, range, availability)
  • hydrologic analysis (surface runoff modeling, flood risk maps, flood plains)
  • overlay operations
  • interpolation values
  • cartographic generalization
  • geomarketing

Special applications

  • maps of vulnerability (identification of the threat for groundwater from surface)
  • processing of morphohydrogeometric analysis in a GIS environment (identification of inhomogeneities of the rock mass with preferred underground water movement)

3D modeling and spatial visualization

  • creation of a 3D models of a build-up areas
  • creation of a perspective views
  • making a movie from the data files


  • manage, update and suggestions of a GIS projects and applications
  • consultation in the areas of modeling and GIS analysis