Risk assessment

The Risk Assessment is an important tool for evaluation of risks associated with contamination of soil, groundwater, building materials, and waste landfills (ecological loads), which may pose health risks and threats to the environment.
It represents the basic document for governmental decision-making processes and for establishing priorities of remedial measures.
The Risk Assessment is considered also as a necessary part of applications for allocation of financial support by the National Property fund of The Czech Republic pursuant to the Government Decree No. 123 of 17 March 1993 and the Government Decree No. 810 of 17 December 1997.

We offer:

  • Execution of the Risk Assessment in compliance with the current Guideline for the Risk Assessment of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (Vestnik MZP CR No. 2/1996) and the Methodology of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic "Principles of the Risk Assessment", effective from 11 November 1996, which consists of the following three steps:
    • Risk evaluation
    • Recommendation of the target parameters for remedial measures
    • Design of solution with the view of the consequent threat to the endangered objects
  • Advisory and consulting service for the preparation of documents and negotiation of applications for making the agreement with the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic, for negotiation with governmental authorities or other partners