Survey work, projects and their implementation in revitalisation of premises affected by ecological load

GEOtest, a.s., a company with a long tradition and a wide spectrum of services provided in the fields of remediation of ecological loads, waste management, engineering geology, hydrogeology, etc., offers the following services in addressing the issues of

  • expert identification of a problem,
  • search for and assessment of available source materials of an addressed problem and site,
  • evaluation of the environmental state of a site of concern and its vicinity,
  • evaluation of environmental loads bound to the rock environment and groundwater,
  • invasive and non-invasive reconnaissance of any underground spaces,
  • detection of geotechnical conditions and groundwater data, designs of the future foundation engineering,
  • preparation of ecological audits,
  • preparation of risk analysis, assessment of impacts on the environment and human health,
  • remediation projects, with retaining the maximum required usability of a site,
  • formulation of designs, projects and eco-maps related to the solution of a problem with the current character of the use of a site - region,
  • formulation of options of remediation scenarios - the so-called feasibility studies,
  • proposals of financial loading in different options of problem solution - the so-called cost- benefit study,
  • detailed preparation of a selected remediation procedure,
  • actual implementation of a remediation scenario in compliance with applicable legislation,
  • preparation of plans of waste management, remediation, demolition and construction,
  • proposals of waste management and its provision,
  • identification of captation structures, designs of water supply, including water treatment if necessary, execution of all legal particulars,
  • EIA preparation (environmental impact assessment for a new project),
  • supervision over ongoing remedial measures and their implementation,
  • expert supervision of an investor during new investment construction,
  • possible assistance in implementation of management systems (quality, environmental and occupational health and safety).

Thanks to the wide scope of activities of our company, we are also able to ensure other specific requirements of an employer. On request, it is possible to prepare a complex package of services tailored to individual needs; therefore, in case of your interest, please do not hesitate and contact our staff.