Projects accomplished abroad

CountryProjectClientYear of realization

Improving Energy Management in Greenhouse Production in the Strumica River Basin

UNDP 2017 - 2018

Complex Research for Geotechnical Condition of Open Pit Mine

Erdenet Mining Corporation 2017 - 2018

Detailed Design, Technical Definition of Works, and Supporting Assessments/Studies required for the Removal of POPs Pesticides and Recovery of Associated Contaminated Soil along with Site Cleanup, Stabilization, Containment, and Monitoring applied to the Nubarashen Burial Site (Yerevan, Armenia)

UNDP 2017 - 2019

Geophysical Investigation of Groundwater Resources in Drini i Bardhë River Basin Reference PROC NO: KEP/002

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Kosovo 2017
Bosnia and Herzegovina Delivery of Services for Study Tour to the Czech Republic for BiH policy makers from relevant ministries United Nations Development Programme 2017

Green City Action Plan

Ernst & Young ČR 2016 - 2017
Ethiopia Completion of hydrogeological mapping of Ethiopia Czech Development Agency 2016-2019
Ethiopia Implementation of holistic management and Climate Smart Agriculture in the Baso river catchment in Arba Minch Zuria Woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia Mendel University in Brno 2016-2017
Georgia Installation of road meteorological stations in selected corridors in Georgia (part of the project: Increasing Safety of Transport Corridors in Georgia through Development of Road Meteorology) Czech Development Agency 2016-2017
Bosnia and Herzegovina Improving efficiency of production, storage and processing of milk in Brcko region Czech Development Agency 2016-2018
Bosnia and Herzegovina Increasing income by family farming for vulnerable groups Czech Development Agency 2016-2018
Albania Evaluation of the Access to IPA 2008 Project Preparation Facility Austrian Development Agency 2016
Kazakhstan Sharing good practices of Czech expertise in wildlife management through development of hunting in Kazakhstan United Nations Development Programme 2015-2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina Complex hydrogeological survey of Bokavići catchment area, including potential provisioning of collector well Czech Development Agency 2015-2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina Supporting small enterprises in producing wood biomass fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina United Nations Development Programme 2015
Ethiopia Geophysical survey in the woredas of Boricha, Loka Abaya and Darra in Sidama zone Czech Development Agency 2015-2016
Czech Republic Study tour to Czech Republic to learn experience in small hydro power development (Kyrgyzstan) United Nations Development Programme 2015
Bosnia and Herzegovina Analysis of the potential and readiness for the utilization of forest biomass to produce energy Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic 2015
Georgia Transfer of experience to build an information system for groundwater monitoring and data transfer in the Alazani-Agrichai region Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic 2015
Bosnia and Herzegovina Establishment of a system for the extraction of forest cableways and skidding into Bosnia and Herzegovina Czech Development Agency 2014-2016
Moldova The development of modern planning tools in the north development region using GIS technology Czech Development Agency 2014
Ethiopia Use of water resources for sustainable agricultural production Mendel University in Brno 2014-2016
Zambia Provision of sustainable and stable fodder production for dairy cattle in the small farms Mendel University in Brno 2014-2017
Albania Development of the detailed technical design for remediation activities at Fushe-Arrez mine site, Albania United Nations Development Programme Podgorica 2014
Georgia Development of the information system for data transfer and groundwater monitoring in the municipalities Kvareli and Lagodekhi Ministry of the Industry and Trade in Czech Republic 2014
Bosnia a Herzegovina Transfer of Czech Knowledge for forestry development in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of the Industry and Trade in Czech Republic 2014
Montenegro Transfer of Czech Knowledge: Mapping and Assessment Ecosystems and their Services of Grassland and Forest in Montenegro United Nations Development Programme, Europe and CIS Regional Centre 2014-2015
Kosovo Soil and Water Sampling and Analysis Program Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Kosovo 2014
Kosovo Detailed technical design for acid mine waters treatment in Novo Brdo Mine, Artana, Kosovo United Nations Development Programme Bratislava Regional Centre, Europe and the CIS 2013-2014
Mongolia Development of water supply system in Murun town, Chovsgul province Czech Development Agency 2013-2016
Armenia Strengthening national capacities on POPs contaminates site assessment in Armenia United Nations Development Programme 2013
Serbia Construction of a sewerage system in the village Kruščica, Serbia Czech Development Agency 2012-2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina Development of Waste Management in Doboj and Maglaj, BiH Czech Development Agency 2011-2013
Ethiopia Rehabilitation of water resources in Ethiopia Czech Development Agency 2011-2013
Albania Implementation of a new technology contributing to improvement of environment in oil industry, Kucova region Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic 2009-2012
Serbia Search for Resources and Delivery of Technology for Drinking-Water Treatment for the Lazarevac Region in Serbia Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic 2008-2012
Iraq Feasibility Study and Design specification for Bawanur dam and Garmian irrigation channel, Kurdistan region High Committee for Relief of Garmian, Iraq 2010-2011
Albania Siting Study for Solid Waste Disposal (Sanitary Landfill) in Durres, Albania A.S.A. International 2010-2011
Philippines Assistance at the Measures Ensuring Reliable and Sustainable Drinking Water Supply for Manila after Damages Caused by Catastrophic Typhoon Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, Philippines 2006-2010
Mongolia Delivery of Water-supply Units for Areas with Insufficient drinking water in Mongolia Mongolgeotest, Mongolia 2006-2010
Vietnam Development of Rural Infrastructure of Vietnam - Electrification Using Renewable Energy Resources through Mini Hydro Power Plants - Sub-supply of Services Strojirny Brno, a.s., Czech Republic 2006-2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina Delivery of Technology for the Purposes of the Implementation of a Waste Disposal Integrated System in the Una-Sana Canton, Bihac Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic 2006-2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina Zenica - geotechnical part of survey for motorway bypass of city Zenica Energoinvest Sarajevo 2010-2011
Iraq Quitabian dam – feasibility study Ministry of Water Resources, Iraq 2009
Indonesia Water Purification System for Communities and Displaced Persons in Ciamis PDAM Ciamis, Indonesia 2006-2007
Indonesia Water Purification System and Reconstruction of Water Supply System in Pasar Jantho PDAM Aceh, Indonesia 2006
Iraq Educational Training of Experts from Iraq in the Field of Water Management Ministry of Water Resources, Iraq 2006
Iraq Assessment of Bottom Sediments, Shipwrecks and Unexploded Munitions in the Area of Umm Quasr Harbour and Adjacent Channels Ministry of Foreign affairs, Czech Republic 2006
Iraq Technology of production of drinking water Nakhla Eng. Group, Iraq 2005-2006
Sri Lanka Revitalization of large resources of drinking water in Ampara District National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka 2005-2006
Indonesia Banda Aceh - Hydrochemical analyses, environmental protection and coordiantion in construction of treatment plants for drinking water Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Tirta Mountala, Indonesia 2005-2006
Philippines Sevilla - Co-ordination of implementation of construction of mini hydropower plant Bohol Electric Cooperative, 2005-2006
Albania Revitalization of the area polluted with mercury Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic, Albanian government 2001-2006
Mongolia Technological Equipment for Drinking Water Supply for Mandalgobi Mongolgeotest, Mongolia 2002-2005
Iraq Optimization of waste management in the area of the City of Basrah - recycling of building rubbish and production of artificial gravel Mudter and Muslem Company for Construction, Iraq 2004-2005
Iraq Hydrogeological investigation for irrigation groundwater resources in the area southwest of the Cities of Basrah and Nassriya Al-Kherba Bureau, Iraq 2004-2005
Mongolia Groundwater for nomadic shepherds in Mongolia E-EST spol. s r.o. Bratislava, Slovak Republic 2004-2005
Philippines Baguio, San Luis, Cantilan - Construction-static survey, co-ordination and management of implementation of mini hydropower plants Strojirny Brno, Czech Republic 2003-2005
Iraq Environmental investigation, assessment and disposal of ecological damages and industrial risks at Basrah Refinery Basrah Petroleum Company, Iraq 2004
Iraq Feasibility Study - Geographical information system for Iraqi geological services Moravske naftove doly, a.s., Czech Republic 2004
Iraq Feasibility Study - Determination of drinking groundwater resources in the Basrah Governorate Al-Kherba Bureau, Iraq 2004
Iraq Development of water wells in northeastern part of Muhafazat, Maysan CPA-S, Iraq 2004
Iraq Drilling of water wells for irrigation in the area southwest of the City of Basrah and between the Cities of Basrah and Nassriya An-Naji Bureau for Geological Consultation & Water Well Drilling, Iraq 2004
Iraq Assessment of water and soil quality (salinity) for irrigation and agriculture Nakhla Engineering Group, Management and Advisors, Iraq 2004
Iraq Salinity balance of tidal flow of Shatt-Al-Arab Waterway, Al Basrah City Al-Kherba Bureau, Iraq 2004
Vietnam Assistance in implementation of biowaste reprocessing project CTC Hanoi, Vietnam 2003-2004
Philippines Baguio - Hydrochemical analyses, evaluation of slope deformations and environmental impacts during construction of treatment plants for drinking Baguio Water District, Baguio City, Philippines 2001-2004
Yugoslavia Remediational work in the area of Refinery Novi Sad Refinerija Nafte Novi Sad, Yugoslavia 2001-2004
Mongolia Supply of drinking water in the area of northern Gobi Ministry of industry and trade or the Czech Republic 2001-2004
Uzbekistan Evaluation of geophysical works - slope deformations, damage to historical landmarks Uzbekgidrogeologia Tashkent 2000
Yugoslavia Assessment and disposal of ecological and building emergencies as an aid for removing the war aftermath on Balkans Consortium led by AZAS INVEST s.r.o. 2000
Germany Vohburg a.d. Donau - EMS implementation Mero Pipeline GmbH 1998-2000
Slovakia Solution to the Slovnaft refinery emergency, groundwater protection Slovnaft s.p. 1972-ongoing
Uzbekistan Research project - monitoring of exogenous geological processes Uzbekgidrogeologia Tashkent 1999
Spain Guadarama - geological engineering map Aquatest Praha (for the company Geoinza Madrid) 1998
Germany Ingolstadt - EMS implementation Mero Pipeline GmbH 1998
Sweden Laboratory analyses (groundwater) AB Sandvik Steel 1998
Croatia Hum na Sutli - soil sampling and analyses Ekosens Inc., Switzerland 1996
Spain Tenerife island - Atmogeochemical and geophysical investigation in the contaminated area at the CEPSA refinery EYSER Madrid 1995
Spain Santa Eufemia - geophysical investigation for dam profiles, monitoring of the quarry mining effects on the dam stability EYSER Madrid 1994
Spain Construction of a motorway in Leon and Lugo provinces - geophysical investigation of a slope deformation GEOINZA Madrid 1994
Spain Genal - geophysical investigation of gravel deposits in the Jarama river valley Geocisa Madrid 1993
Spain Pontillon do Castro - Pontevedra reservoir - seismic measurement for evaluation of the quarry explosive activities on the reservoir GEOINZA Madrid 1993
Spain Geophysical investigation for the "Alternatives to the Guadiaro and Genal rivers regulations" project VESA s.a. 1992
Spain Madrid - Geophysical investigation for construction of the Jimenez Belinchon industrial hall VESA s.a. 1992
Spain The Jarama river - Geophysical measurement at the Jarama river - thickness determination of gravels over a part of the Jarama river watershed VESA s.a. 1992
Spain The Genal river - Geotechnical assessment of dam profiles VESA s.a. 1992
Cuba Comprehensive geological investigations for the Centro and Oriente pumped-storage power plants Strojexport Praha 1981-1989