Montenegro - Transfer of Czech Knowledge: Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and Their Services of Grassland and Forest in Montenegro

Project overview

Country Montenegro
Overall project value in € 62,532
Name of client UNDP
Dates start/end 11/2014 - ongoing

Detailed description of project

The aim of the project is the transfer of Czech knowledge in quantifying the contribution of value and importance of services provided by ecosystems in protected areas, including the purposes of payments for ecosystem services (PES). Czech experience will be amended to fit the Montenegro legal and development framework. Two pilot sites (the Komovi and Piva mountain massifs) will be used for joint work of Czech and Montenegrin experts in order to obtain detailed assessment of the ecosystem services provided by forests and grasslands. In these two areas, UNDP CO Montenegro is working on the establishment of two new protected areas.

At the beginning, two thematic workshops for Montenegrin representatives from different sectors and institutions related to nature conservation will be organized to inform them on the area of ecosystems and their services, development and establishment of PES schemes. Before mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services of grasslands and forest, all available data will be collected during the mobilization phase.

The subject of the project is to create a mechanism within the municipality to collect more revenues from forestry and grasslands and to provide an example of what could be possible elsewhere in Montenegro where ecosystem services are recognized neither by the marketplace nor by many decision-makers, and are thus undervalued and their management underfunded.

A final report will contain the project´s lessons learned in a formal document for use by others working on similar future projects. One of the results will be the strengthening of cooperation between Montenegro and the Czech Republic in biodiversity conservation.

Type of services provided

  • Organization of two workshops presenting relevant experience in the development and establishment of PES schemes
  • Collection of available data relevant to validation methodology
  • Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services in the Piva and Komovi areas
  • Elaboration of reports:
    • A report on best practice and lessons learned in the Czech Republic and in the EU
    • Draft presentation in PowerPoint on the establishment of PES schemes in Montenegrin context
    • Assessment on habitat-based ecosystem services
    • Feasibility analysis of capturing a revenue stream for the ecosystem services
    • A final report, including lessons learned and recommendations