Siting Study for Solid Waste Disposal (Sanitary Landfill) in Durres, Albania

Project overview

Country Albania
Overall project value in € 82,779
Name of client A.S.A. International
Dates start/end 10/2010 - 05/2011

Detailed description of project

The present study was written in the timespan of 6 months, beginning in December 2010, and aimed to propose the most suitable location for a new sanitary landfill in the region of Durres. It was developed in accordance with the Albanian National Waste Management Plan and also considered other preliminary studies, regional strategies and concepts. The project covered the future use of the landfill by 400.000 inhabitants.

Type of services provided

  • Geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geodetical survey;
  • Preparing of cartographic maps – GIS;
  • Water and soil sampling – interpretation;
  • Preparing of multi-criteria analysis with the aim to eliminate unsuitable locations and identify suitable locations – which were marked from the best to worst;
  • Waste management consultancy.

Key Experts - in-house

Mgr. Zdeněk Železný, Mr. Team Leader, Remediation works, Hydrogeology, Waste management
Mgr. Boris Urbánek, Mr. Waste management, Remediation works, Hydrogeology
Ing. Pavel Benkovič, Mr. Waste management, Hazardouse waste, Remediation, Hydrogeology
RNDr. Josef Slavík, Mr. Hydrogeology, Environmental geology
Ing. Eliška Talandová, Mrs. Geodetical survey
Ing. Milan Čáslavský, Mr. EIA
Mgr. Romana Jurnečková, Mrs. EIA
Ing. Jiří Korhon, Mr. Project economist