Georgia - Transfer of experience to build an information system for groundwater monitoring and data transfer in the Alazani-Agrichai region

Project overview

Country Georgia
Overall project value in € 25,863
Name of client Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Dates start/end 05/2015 - 12/2015

Detailed description of project

Development intention of the project was to contribute to ensuring the availability of adequate information on groundwater resources and their deposits in the region Alazani-Agrichai for the Georgian population, industry and agriculture.

The aim was to develop the information system for transferring data from groundwater monitoring and expand the database of existing wells in the important border aquifers, which was created by GEOtest in 2014. Three wells were equipped with digital flow meter and temperature sensor after field campaign. The remote data transmission ensures data logger and telemetry station. The datalogger connected to the sensor sends the pressure data through GSM network to the server periodically.

The local experts were trained in working with the system. The workshop and training ensured the know-how transfer from Czech to Georgian partners. All activities of the project were carried out in cooperation with the Georgian National Environmental Agency under Ministry of Environment of Georgia.

Type of services provided

  • Hydrogeological survey of Alazani-Agrichai region;
  • Expansion of the database of existing hydrogeological wells situated nearby eastern Georgian border
  • Design and development of an automatic information system for groundwater monitoring and data remote transfer;
  • Installation and commissioning of the multifunction automatic information systems on three selected wells;
  • Theoretical and practical training of local experts from the National Environmental Agency of Georgia (NEA);
  • Concept of a groundwater monitoring scheme for future national monitoring information system of Georgia;
  • Elaborating of narrative and technical reports