Over the duration of its existence, the geophysical crew of GEOtest, a.s. has completed about 450 exploration projects. The range of the addressed problems was very wide, from small and simple contracts, e.g., investigations of corrosivity, up to large contracts with a wide complex of survey methods, e.g., pumped storage hydroelectric plants. In the past, most works were performed for engineering geology. Of important works, we can mention surveys for pumped storage hydroelectric plants (Dalesice, Cierny Vah, Hrhov, Mala Vieska, etc.) and investigations of slope deformations (Trinec, Turany, Harvelka, Handlova, Fintice, etc.). In the recent years, the scope of work of the geophysical crew has been changing. It begins to include not only special questions, but also the whole issue of the survey of low depths. Furthermore, great attention is paid to the application of geophysical methods in hydrogeology and in the issue which relates to environmental protection. In the last few years, the crew devotes itself to the monitoring of effects of undermining on slope deformations and to the detection of changes in the rock mass caused by mining activity.

Besides the survey works, the members of the crew have been participating in the solution of 70 research projects and published about 120 articles in professional journals or papers at specialist conferences. The crew has also conducted geophysical works abroad, e.g., geo-acoustic measurements in Uzbekistan, Peru and Germany, has participated in complex geophysical works in Cuba and in Spain. The geophysical crew has recently worked on the solution of geological problems in Albania, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the Philippines.