Engineering geology

Project Client Year of realization
Motorway D1, Vyskov - Morice, geotechnical monitoring Reditelstvi silnic a dalnic CR 2002-2005
Jihlava - bypasses, tunnel, geotechnical supervision ZS Brno, a.s., division MOSAN 2002-2004
Brno - street Dobrovskeho, survey adit for tunnel construction Reditelstvi silnic a dalnic CR 2000-2003
Elblag - Alstom Power, geotechnical survey AMBERG Engineering Brno, a.s. 2001
Modrice - waste water cleaner, engineering geology survey AQUATIS a.s. 2001
Brno - Flextronics, engineering geology survey for construction of new production hall SAURA, s.r.o. 2000-2001
Brno - Cernovicka terasa, engineering geology survey City authority Brno 2000-2001
Doubrava - Pod Ujalou, geological survey, landslide monitoring Ministry of Environment District authority Karvina 2000-2001
Road I/48 Belotin-Palacov, detailed geotechnical survey Reditelstvi silnic a dalnic CR 2000-2001
Orlova - monitoring a engineering geology supervision of the landslides Ministry of Environment District authority Karvina 2000-2001
Karolinka - landslides monitoring Ministry of Environment District authority Vsetin 2000
Bratislava - Shopping Centre IKEA, geotechnical and engineering geological survey Architekti Hrusa a Pelcak s.r.o. 2000
Brno - Cernovice, industrial area, geotechnical expert opinion City authority Brno 2000
Landslides - geological engineering survey, remediation draft and supervision on remediation of landslides which had arisen as a result of floods (20 localities) Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic 1999
Mlada Boleslav - geotechnical survey for building of supermarket Interspar and petrol station A-atelier, s.r.o. 1999
Brno - Lidicka street, reconstruction of drainage and piping system, geological engineering monitoring Subterra Praha, a.s. 1999
Orlova - Okruzni street, geotechnical supervision of landslides stabilization District authority Karvina 1999
Hodonin - dumping ground for solid municipal waste, slope stability assessment, geotechnical survey City authority Hodonin 1999
Ostrava - Shopping Park IKEA, geotechnical survey Atelier Brno, s.r.o. 1999
Horni Sucha - slope stability assessment Hydroprojekt a.s. Ostrava 1999
Brno - Brno exhibition centre, pavilion V, geological engineering survey for building of new exhibition pavilion Brnenske veletrhy a vystavy a.s. 1999
Motorway D1, Morice, Kojetin, detailed geotechnical survey Reditelstvi silnic a dalnic CR 1999
Jeseniky mountains - tunnel Cervenohorske sedlo, geotechnical survey for selection of tunnel route SUDOP Brno, s.r.o. 1998
Brno - secondary collectors, geological engineering construction monitoring Subterra Praha, a.s. 1998
Slezska Harta - hydraulic structure, geological engineering construction monitoring and hg regime measurements VRV Brno, a.s. 1998
Brno - Kohoutova street, detailed geological engineering survey of the large city road circle Dopravoprojekt Brno, a.s. 1998
Brno - Prague radial motorway, complex geological engin. services for project and implementation of a motorway tunnel route Dopravni stavby a mosty Olomouc, a.s., Subterra Praha, a.s. 1998
Klimkovice - motorway D 47, geological engineering survey for construction of tunnel Reditelstvi silnic a dalnic CR 1998