Bosnia and Herzegovina - Supporting small enterprises in producing wood biomass fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project overview

Country Czech Republic/BiH
Overall project value in € 10,152
Name of client UNDP
Dates start/end 04/2015 - 07/2015

Detailed description of project

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the capacities for the efficient use of wood residues through creation of a business environment and preconditions for starting small businesses for biomass fuel production.

A 5-day study tour to the Czech Republic supported the representatives of the wood biomass practitioners and the private sector of BiH through first-hand experience and lessons learned from the successful Czech experience. The added value of Czech expertise consisted of knowledge transfer in relation to the current renewable energy circumstances in the EU, the accession process related to the targets of renewable energy and the methods the Czech Republic has used for its adaptation to the requirements of the EU in this respect. Knowledge gained during the study tour will be fed into the further enhancement of the private sector development in BiH and will expand a potential international network of actors.

The result of the study tour is enhanced awareness of biomass energy, direct contact with the Czech entities and transfer of their experience to the local biomass network members in BiH for potential future business cooperation. The accomplished visits to the production facilities add value in terms of introduction of technologies used, market value chains developed and lessons learned from the Czech Republic. These lessons learned and good practice will contribute to the future renewable energy sector of BiH as well as to the economic development and network establishment of both countries.

Type of services provided

Organization of a 5-day study tour for 8 representatives from BiH to the Czech Republic, including:

  • Study tour agenda preparation
  • General logistics (transport, accommodation)
  • Development of study tour materials and documents
  • Organization of meetings with experts and site visits
  • Interpretation arrangements (simultaneous interpretation from the Czech language into the Bosnian language)
  • Reporting to UNDP (preliminary and final reports)