The vice-president of Republika Srpska - Mr. Enes Suljkanović - visited GEOtest

On August 30, 2012 the delegation from bosnian city Doboj and municipality Maglaj, lead by the vice-president of Republika Srpska, Mr. Enes Suljkanović, visited GEOtest.

During the first part of the visit Mr. Boris Urbánek, project manager of "Improvement of the waste management in the municipalities Doboj and Maglaj", had a presentation about previous achievements in the project.

The vice-president, Mr. Suljkanović, expressed his contentment with the project and thanked the implementing team of GEOtest, lead by Mr. Zdeněk Železný, for cooperation. On the other hand the director of the company GEOtest, Mr. Lubomír Procházka, appreciated efforts of the local project coordinator - Local action group of Doboj region, lead by executive director Maja Mišić.

As a part of his visit to Czech Republic, Mr. Suljkanović met the director of Czech Development Agency, Mr. Michal Pastvinský, whom he thanked for the support, offered by the Agency and the Czech Government. Primarily he stressed the helpfulness of Czech embassy in Sarajevo, led by Mr. Tomáš Szunyog, who contributes to establishing good relationship between Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina.