Press release – Georgia

On 24.11.2016, Ms Tamar Bagratia, the director of the Georgian National Environmental Agency, officially received three fully equipped road meteorological stations from the Czech company GEOtest, a. s. Ms Sofia Kamushadze from the Czech representative office and Ms Barbora Ludvíková, a CDA representative, were also present during the ceremony.

The delivery of the technology is a part of the public procurement “Installation of road meteorological stations at selected corridors in Georgia”. The procurement is a part of the project “Increasing safety of transport corridors in Georgia through development of road meteorology”. The objective of the procurement as well as of the project is to reduce negative effects of dangerous meteorological phenomena and to enhance the safety of TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) corridors and Georgian army route by the installation of 3 road meteorological stations.

The project objective contributes to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goal 9: To build resilient infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation. The project funding is provided by the Czech Development Agency and it is realized within ZRS CR (Czech International Development Cooperation) in cooperation with the Georgian National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

The road meteorological stations were placed in the vicinity of the town of Gori, the bridge near the village of Gveleti and the Žinvali reservoir. Czech and Georgian specialists were present to the installation of the devices. Alongside the construction of the stations in the field, practical training was organized followed by a theoretical training in the NEA offices in Tbilisi. The procurement was commenced in October 2016. In the trial operation period during 2017, the functioning of the monitoring systems will be inspected and supervised. The expected completion date is June 2017. A project subcontractor for providing the delivery and installation of the technology, expert technical cooperation and supervision is CROSS Zlín, a.s.