Memorandum of cooperation was signed for the project of geothermal survey in Doboj

On October 7, 2013 Mr. Enes Suljkanović, the vice-president of Republika Srpska, Mr. Dragan Vasilić, the deputy mayor of Doboj, Mrs. Maja Mišić, the director of Local action group (LAG) of Doboj region and Mr. Damir Kasum, the representant of GEOtest company from Brno, signed the Memorandum of cooperation on a project of Czech Development Agency called „The use of renewable geothermal energy in Doboj city“.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Tomáš Szunyog, the ambassador of Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ambassador emphasized that this is the first phase of a long-term project, which encompasses field survey of geothermal potential in Doboj. After that a connection of Sveti Sava elementary school in Ševarlije to the renewable source of geothermal energy is planned, which should bring substantial savings and ecological benefits.

The chairman of board of directors of LAG of region Doboj, Mr. Enes Suljkanović, stated that this new project is the continuation of successful cooperation of LAG with Czech Development Agency, the investor of this project, who donated 3.000.000 KM through LAG.

The project manager, Mr. Damir Kasum, pointed to previous successful cooperation between GEOtest and LAG and expressed his belief, that this new project will be as successful as was the preceding project of Czech Development Agency „Improvement of the waste management in the municipalities Doboj and Maglaj“.