Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme II (MeHSIP II) Initiative, resident and ad-hoc expert support - Lot 4 Tunis

GEOtest, a.s. has been awarded contract with the European Investment Bank for consultancy services under the MeHSIP II Initiative Technical Assistance contract in Tunisia.

Start of the project: 06/2015
Duration: 3 years
Client: European Investment Bank (EIB)

The overall objective of MeHSIP II is to promote adequate and sound water, wastewater and solid waste management in the Southern Mediterranean region and to contribute towards achieving the Horizon 2020 goal of depolluting the Mediterranean. Furthermore, MeHSIP II will extend the activities to cover water resources management, water supply and waste management activities, also in inland areas not directly connected to the Mediterranean. These new activities will be particularly aimed at (a) natural resource efficiency (b) climate action (adaptation and mitigation), and (c) support for sustainable growth and job creation.