Feasibity study for Bawanur Dam in Iraq

GEOtest, as a member of CREA Hydro&Energy consortium, has won a tender for preparation of feasibility study and detailed design specification for Bawanur Dam and Garmian irrigation Canal in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The tender is split into three distincts phases. First phase covers the preparation of Feasibility study, which comprises of five parts: topographical, hydrological, hydraulical, geological (incl. geophysics) and EIA study. The works on those studies, including field works from GEOtest expers, have already been finished.

Currently the preparations of phase two are under way. This phase will include detailed topographical works, hydrological studies and geological-surveillance field works (drilling, dug probes, tests in laboratories, hydrogeological studies).

The last phase covers the preparation of project for irrigation system for Garmian region, including proposal of variants of irrigation system and determination of areas suitable for irrigation.

All works and reports are under continuous supervision by an international committee of experts. The project is expected to finish by September 2011.