• GEOtest on a news show Hyde Park CT24

    18.07.2017 | Watch an inspiring interview with the director of the Czech Development Agency, Mr. Michal Kaplan, on a news show Hyde Park CT24 discussing "Czech Aid to the Poorest Countries in the World". more

  • Intern: Administration services (HR, development, Adm) 24-32 hours

    15.02.2017 | GEOtest is searching for an intern to be part of our team! more

  • GEOtest in the world 2011-2016

    02.02.2017 | Have a look at the updated brochure of GEOtest's international activities, summarizing projects implemented between the years 2011 and 2016. more

  • Press release – Georgia

    07.12.2016 | On 24.11.2016, Ms Tamar Bagratia, the director of the Georgian National Environmental Agency, officially received three fully equipped road meteorological stations from the Czech company GEOtest, a. s. Ms Sofia Kamushadze from the Czech representative office and Ms Barbora Ludvíková, a CDA representative, were also present during the ceremony. more

  • Hydrogeological and hydrochemical mapping of Ethiopia

    23.11.2016 | The Geological Survey of Ethiopia and the Czech company GEOtest a.s. have signed a Memorandum of understanding regarding the implementation of a significant project “Hydrogeological and hydrochemical mapping - Completion of hydrogeological mapping in Ethiopia” which will be performed within the framework of Development Cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The project is funded by the Czech Government via Czech Development Agency. The local partner organization is Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE). more

  • GEOtest in the world 2011-2015

    25.02.2016 | We would like to thank to all our colleagues and project partners for their professional cooperation in the past five years, on the implementation of 20 successful international projects in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. more

  • Study tour of Kazakh delegation in the Czech Republic

    15.02.2016 | GEOtest, a.s. together with Institute of ecology and game management, ltd. organized a study tour for the 10-member Kazakh delegation between 31 January – 7 February 2016. The study tour was realized within the framework of a project funded by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme): „Sharing good practices of Czech expertise in wildlife management through development of hunting in Kazakhstan“. The overall objective of the project is transfer of Czech know-how in the field of sustainable wildlife and hunting management with a focus on improvement and development of hunting in Kazakhstan. more

  • Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme II (MeHSIP II) Initiative, resident and ad-hoc expert support - Lot 4 Tunis

    10.07.2015 | GEOtest, a.s. has been awarded contract with the European Investment Bank for consultancy services under the MeHSIP II Initiative Technical Assistance contract in Tunisia. more

  • Start of the project Transfer of Czech knowledge: Mapping and Assessment Ecosystems and their Services of Grassland and Forest in Montenegro

    30.11.2014 | On November 5th, 2014, the implementation of the project "Transfer of Czech knowledge: Mapping and Assessment Ecosystems and their Services of Grassland and Forest in Montenegro” started in Podgorica. The project is funded through UNDP Czech Trust Fund. Project partners of GEOtest, a.s are Mendel University in Brno and Lesprojekt východní Čechy s.r.o. more

  • Closing ceremony of the project in Georgia

    26.11.2014 | On October 28th, 2014 the closing ceremony of the project "Development of an information system for data transfer and groundwater monitoring in the municipalities Kvareli and Lagodekhi" was held in Tbilisi. The project was implemented within the program Aid for Trade falling under Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. more

  • GEOtest signed multiple Framework Contracts with EC

    05.02.2014 | GEOtest, a.s. has signed multiple framework contracts to recruit short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from European Union - External aid – (Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 EUROPEAID/132633/C/SER/MULTI).The contract will run for an initial period of 2 years. more

  • Memorandum of cooperation was signed for the project of geothermal survey in Doboj

    09.10.2013 | On October 7, 2013 Mr. Enes Suljkanović, the vice-president of Republika Srpska, Mr. Dragan Vasilić, the deputy mayor of Doboj, Mrs. Maja Mišić, the director of Local action group (LAG) of Doboj region and Mr. Damir Kasum, the representant of GEOtest company from Brno, signed the Memorandum of cooperation on a project of Czech Development Agency called „The use of renewable geothermal energy in Doboj city“. more

  • The vice-president of Republika Srpska - Mr. Enes Suljkanović - visited GEOtest's stand at ZEPS Fair trade in Zenica

    03.10.2013 | On the 1st October 2013 Mr. Enes Suljkanović, vice-president of Republika Srpska, visited GEOtest’s stand at the 20th general trade fair ZEPS in Zenica. During the first day of the fair trade Mr. Damir Kasum, director of GEOTEST d.o.o. Sarajevo company, presented to Mr. Suljkanovićovi a project backed by Czech Development Agency called „Usage of renewable geothermal energy in Doboj“. more

  • BioSealing JIP launched

    19.09.2013 | The Biosealing Joint Industry Project (JIP), in which Deltares will team up with eight companies, has been officially launched. The parties will invest a total of €400,000 to investigate BioSealing further and to initiate a number of field projects. GEOtest became a member of consortium. more

  • The premier of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited GEOtest's stand at ZEPS international fair

    02.10.2012 | The 19th ZEPS international fair was officially opened on October 2, 2012. The ceremony was led by Mr. Nermin Nikšić, the prime minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr. Nikšić, accompanied by Mr. Erdal Trhulj, the minister of energy, mining and industry, visited the exhibition stand of GEOtest company. more

  • The ceremonial handing over of the garbage truck in Doboj, Republika Srpska

    11.09.2012 | As a part of the project of Czech Development Agency called "Improvement of the waste management in the municipalities Doboj and Maglaj​​" the ceremony of handing over of the garbage truck took place on September 10, 2012. The truck was handed over by the ambassador of Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Tomáš Szunyog, who gave the keys from to truck to Mr. Boris Jerinić, director of the Directorate for construction development of the city Doboj. more

  • The vice-president of Republika Srpska - Mr. Enes Suljkanović - visited GEOtest

    03.09.2012 | On August 30, 2012 the delegation from bosnian city Doboj and municipality Maglaj, lead by the vice-president of Republika Srpska, Mr. Enes Suljkanović, visited GEOtest. more

  • Dobrovsky Tunnels have been opened!

    31.08.2012 | After six years of construction the Dobrovsky Tunnels have finally been opened today. GEOtest took part in this project by providing geotechnical survey and geotechnical monitoring. more

  • Mr. Klaus appreciated publication written by our colleagues

    22.02.2012 | President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Klaus, expressed his thanks to our colleague, Mr. Otto Horsky, for sending a publication about use of engineering geology methods in the design and construction of dams and stated that Mr. Horsky, together with Mr. Blaha, managed to compose a technical publication of high quality. more

  • EurAsia Waste Management Symposium 2011

    23.11.2011 | GEOtest Company participated on the first annual international symposium focused on the issues of waste management, particularly in South East Europe and the Middle East, held in Istanbul, Turkey from 14th to 16th November. more

  • Major website update

    16.11.2011 | We have recently aimed our activities at upgrading our English website, so that it expressess our intention to focus foreign activities of GEOtest mainly on Framework Contract (FWC) projects. more

  • Environment and Energy 2011 - Riga

    26.10.2011 | GEOtest Company participated on the international fair Environment and Energy 2011 in Riga. more

  • Start of the project "Development of waste management in municipalities Doboj and Maglaj"

    20.10.2011 | The project "Development of waste management in municipalities Doboj and Maglaj" funded by the Czech Development Agency officially started on October 17, 2011 in Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina). more

  • FWC COM 2011

    01.06.2011 | GEOtest, a. s., as a member of the AETS consortium, has been awarded the 2 year contract by the European Commission to provide assistance in various technical sectors within the Framework contracts COM 2011 – lot 1. more

  • Feasibity study for Bawanur Dam in Iraq

    20.09.2010 | GEOtest, as a member of CREA Hydro&Energy consortium, has won a tender for preparation of feasibility study and detailed design specification for Bawanur Dam and Garmian irrigation Canal in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). more

  • VMO (Great Urban Ring Road) Dobrovskeho - a large-sized loading test

    14.07.2010 | Within the monitoring of the construction of road tunnels of the Brno VMO (Great Urban Ring Road) Dobrovskeho, a unique large-sized loading test of a model of the tunnel lining at a scale of 1:1 was carried out in cooperation with the general designer of the construction, the company Amberg Engineering Brno, on 24 June 2010. more

  • Change of the name of the company

    30.06.2010 | Since 1 July 2010, the name of the company has been changed from GEOtest Brno, a.s. to GEOtest, a.s. At the same time, its logo has been changed, too. more

  • The conference “Transport and City Tunnels”

    20.06.2010 | Our company was actively involved in the events of the international conference “TRANSPORT AND CITY TUNNELS” held in the hotel Clarion in Prague on 14 - 16 June 2010. more

  • TOP MSP 2010 - 2nd place

    15.06.2010 | The company GEOtest, a.s. achieved second place in the renowned competition "TOP MSP 2010" for the best small- and medium-sized company, which is annually organized by the Brno Regional Chamber of Economy (RCE) in cooperation with the City of Brno. more