Mongolia - Complex Research for Geotechnical Condition of Open Pit Mine

Project overview

Country Mongolia
Overall project value in € 283,942
Name of client Erdenet Mining Corporation
Dates start/end 10/2017 - 10/2018

Detailed description of project

The aim of the project is geotechnical complex research in connection with increasing the ore reserve, open pit mine extension and safety requirement of equipment for implementation of IPCC system in 2020.

The results are graphically processed in RockScience, RockData and Slides software. Geotechnical evaluation is developed for selected sections with further recommendations and the required degree of slope for the extensions of the open pit mine is determined on selected sections.

Type of services provided

  • Data review
  • Recognition works in open pit mine
  • Delimitation of risk areas in the quarry
  • Course of 40 hours for specialists with regard to slope stabilization and classification of rock masses and methods of tectonic mapping and their classification and effect of stability
  • A structural analysis of spacing discontinuities, strike and dip orientations, conditions of discontinuities, major faults and folds
  • LiDAR 3D will be executed for wall mapping and 3D modelling
  • Borehole locations, their dip, inclination and overall length will be identified by the measurements of R.Q.D., the Rock Mass Rating System R.M.R.
  • Rock tests and slope stability evaluation - triaxial test, uniaxial test, Brazilian test
  • Graphics results presentation