Macedonia - Improving Energy Management in Greenhouse Production in the Strumica River Basin

Project overview

Country Macedonia
Overall project value in € 47,910
Name of client UNDP Regional Hub for Europe and CIS
Dates start/end 11/2016 - 15/2018

Detailed description of project

Project is part of the UNDP-backed Restoration of the Strumica River Basin project which aim is to introduce a set of comprehensive measures to help restore the Strumica River Basin’s socio-ecological functions and increase its overall resilience to the complex pressures resulting from human activities and global changes. The project foresees developing a feasibility assessment of alternative energy source options for heating greenhouse production of fruit (apples, peaches and plums) and vegetables (tomatoes and peppers) in the Strumica River Basin to decrease harmful environmental impact of reliance on firewood.

The feasibility study provides sufficient information for the selection of the most feasible greenhouse heating alternatives for the most common types of greenhouses in the region (in terms of size and crop structure), given the local climate conditions and available energy sources. Based on these analyses three model business plans for different options are developed that are used by farmers in support of future funding decisions. The expert team also prepares a model modern greenhouse design including technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantities.

Type of services provided

  • Data review
  • Feasibility assessment report on alternative energy source options for heating greenhouse production
  • Technical solution identification
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Mitigation plan
  • Financial and economic analysis - Cash-flow analysis, Least-Cost-Analysis (LCA), Cost-benefit analysis, Assessment of the sensitivity
  • Model business plans for the most common combinations of heating options and greenhouse types
  • Design of model greenhouse farm – technical equipment, layouts and drawings