Armenia - Detailed Design, Technical Definition of Works, and Supporting Assessments/Studies required for the Removal of POPs Pesticides and Recovery of Associated Contaminated Soil along with Site Cleanup, Stabilization, Containment, and Monitoring applied to the Nubarashen Burial Site (Yerevan, Armenia)

Project overview

Country Armenia
Overall project value in € 319,064
Name of client UNDP
Dates start/end 04/2017 - 4/2019

Detailed description of project

The project is part of UNDP-GEF Full-size Project: “Elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and addressing POPs contaminated sites within a Sound Chemicals Management Framework in Armenia”.

The overall objective is to provide a detailed technical and costing definition of the required works to: i) complete the environmentally sound removal of highly contaminated POPs pesticides and OPs from the Nubarashen burial site for off-site management; ii) design solutions for secure excavation, packaging, containment of residual contamination and treated soils; and iii) restore the site in a form suitable for an agreed future land use inclusive of its stabilization to prevent future risks from geotechnical instability.This includes provision of appropriate environmental assessment and impact mitigation associated with the proposed actions, supporting operational procedures and plans, training of implementation forces immediately in advance of the works execution, and technical supervision of the works execution. In addition, a supplementary objective undertaken in parallel with this work is to provide a skill-building training related to contaminated site sampling and associated analytical practices to the national sampling and laboratory staff for stakeholder groups.

Type of services provided

  • Environmental health and safety plan
  • Remediation scenario focus on sustainable post-remediation site management
  • Geodetic site mapping (survey)
  • Geophysical survey in the form of conductometry
  • Sampling – contamination survey work focused on making the degree of soil contamination
  • The geological and geotechnical work: geotechnical survey on site stability calculations and assessment, proposal for measures and monitoring
  • Development of site clean-up design, operational work-plans and associated cost
  • Testing of decontamination efficiency by soil clean-up technologies
  • Estimates Operational Plan and Cost Estimate Report
  • Develop, submit, and ensure approval of environmental/social impact assessment – EIA process
  • Develop, submit and ensure approval for the design technical expertise approvals in accordance with national regulations and requirements
  • Creating a training programme for site supervision and labour staff and delivering for designated national sampling and laboratory staff
  • Supervision and consultation of designed works implementation.