Bosnia and Herzegovina - Delivery of Services for Study Tour to the Czech Republic for BiH policy makers from relevant ministries

Project overview

Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Overall project value in € 12,190
Name of client UNDP
Dates start/end 02/2017 - 05/2017

Detailed description of project

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen up knowledge for ten Bosnian policy makers in the field of wood biomass by organizing and implementing the knowledge-sharing of experience and lessons learned from successful Czech experience.

The overall outcome is related to raising awareness on need for increasing policy influence for use of wood biomass fuel and overall energy efficiency, all in the milieu of BiH´s accession toward EU. The key outcome is the strengthening of human resource capacities of BiH´s institutions related to EU requirements on renewable energy sources and wood biomass in particular, that should be used as a basis for further policy work and advocacy, particularly for wood biomass projects.

Type of services provided

  • Preparation and organization of the study tour to the Czech Republic
  • Ensuring provision of statement to journalists by Czech policy makers and other actors
  • Presentation and discussion on policy measures
  • Examples of practice (field demonstration from successful Czech examples) on wood biomass production and utilization
  • Reporting and measuring of results.